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Ethereum smart contracts made it possible to create powerful decentralized applications; however, the most established and well known cryptocurrency is still Bitcoin. What if you could write smart

contracts that hold and transfer real bitcoins directly? The Bitcoin ecosystem could be enriched with countless applications such as decentralized custody solutions, Bitcoin-based pay-roll systems, Bitcoin tipping services in decentralized social media platforms and games among many others! In this workshop, we will show that Bitcoin smart contracts can be built on the InternetComputer, a blockchain-based platform for the execution of general-purpose smart contracts.

After a short introduction, the bulk of the workshop will be dedicated to building a simple Bitcoin smart contract that contains all the key

ingredients such as checking Bitcoin balances and transferring bitcoins.

In order to get the most out of this workshop, some programming

experience is recommended. An overview of the Bitcoin integration on the Internet Computer can be found at

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